Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver: Understanding the Condition, Causes, and Management

Fatty liver or hepatic steatosis is a condition caused by the accumulation of excess fat in the liver cells. It is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide and is closely associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and lifestyle factors. This article provides comprehensive insights into fatty liver, including its causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment procedures. The treatment is expertly handled by specialists in Chennai who are well-versed in addressing fatty liver concerns. If you’re seeking effective fatty liver treatment in Chennai, our specialists are here to guide you through the process.

By understanding fatty liver, individuals can take proactive measures to prevent its development, seek timely medical care, and make informed decisions about their liver health.

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This section explores the causes and risk factors associated with fatty liver. It explains that fatty liver can develop due to two main causes: alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). AFLD is linked to excessive alcohol consumption, while NAFLD is associated with obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol, and a sedentary lifestyle. Fatty Liver Treatment in Chennai understands the risk factors and adopts preventive measures to reduce the risk of developing fatty liver.

Prevention of Fatty Liver

  • Healthy Diet: Adopt a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while limiting processed foods and sugars.
  • Regular Exercise: Participate in consistent physical activity to sustain a favorable weight and enhance insulin responsiveness.
  • Moderate Alcohol Consumption: Limit alcohol intake to reduce the risk of alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Manage Chronic Conditions: Control conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, as they contribute to fatty liver development.
  • Weight Management: Maintain a healthy weight through a combination of diet and exercise to prevent excessive fat accumulation in the liver.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fatty liver specialist, also known as a hepatologist or gastroenterologist, is a medical professional with expertise in diagnosing and treating fatty liver disease. If you experience symptoms like fatigue, abdominal discomfort, or elevated liver enzymes, or if you have risk factors like obesity, diabetes, or alcohol use, it’s essential to consult a fatty liver specialist in Chennai.

A fatty liver specialist in Chennai will conduct a thorough medical history review and physical examination. They may order blood tests to assess liver function and rule out other liver diseases. Imaging studies such as ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI can help visualize the liver’s fat content and assess liver health.

Treatment for fatty liver disease involves lifestyle modifications and addressing underlying risk factors. A fatty liver specialist in Chennai will recommend dietary changes, weight management, regular exercise, and controlling conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. In cases of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) or advanced fatty liver disease, specific medications may be prescribed to manage inflammation and liver damage. 

Dr. Prakash Selvam at CTS Specialty Hospital is renowned as a leading fatty liver specialist in Chennai. Possessing an abundance of knowledge and skill, Dr. Selvam specializes in diagnosing and treating fatty liver conditions. Patients seeking dedicated care for fatty liver concerns can trust in Dr. Prakash Selvam’s proficiency and the advanced facilities at CTS Specialty Hospital for comprehensive and personalized treatment.

The fastest way to address a fatty liver involves lifestyle modifications. A fatty liver specialist in Chennai can guide with a tailored plan, emphasizing a balanced diet, regular exercise, and weight management. Limiting alcohol intake and avoiding processed foods are crucial. Depending on each case, a prescription for medication may be given. Consult a specialist promptly for personalized advice and effective management of fatty liver.

Grade 3 fatty liver, also known as severe or advanced fatty liver, indicates a significant accumulation of fat in liver cells. This stage may involve inflammation and hepatocyte damage. Seeking guidance from a fatty liver specialist in Chennai is crucial for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment. Expert hepatologists in the city can provide comprehensive assessments, lifestyle recommendations, and medical interventions to manage and reverse fatty liver conditions effectively.